We are a Swiss material manufacturer that operates innovative technology and product development and consults in the field of materials.

Our goal-oriented approach and our creative solutions allow us to efficiently develop novel materials in a customer-oriented manner. We serve industrial sectors such as medical technology, energy, raw materials, construction and recycling. Our customers range from small businesses to large international corporations from different branches of industry.

A team of four highly-motivated employees is currently working on the development, processing and marketing of porous ceramic materials, as well as ultra-high-purity magnesium.

  • History

    de Cavis was founded in January 2009 by Dr. Gonzenbach and Prof. Gauckler as a spin-off of ETH Zurich. Until July 2013, de Cavis was located at the Institute of Non-Metallic Inorganic Materials of ETH Zurich, which enabled a close link between science and practice.

    At the end of June 2013, the company relocated from the laboratories of ETH Zurich to the company’s own technical center in the business incubator glaTec of Empa Dübendorf.

    Today, we still work closely with various institutes of ETH Zurich, EPFL Lausanne and Empa Dübendorf and thus always stay on the pulse of research and development.


    2002                       First ceramic foam discovered by accident at ETH Zurich Zürich

    2003 – 2006           Doctoral thesis on particle-stabilized foams by Dr. Urs Gonzenbach

    2005                       International Patent Application “Ultra-stable Particle – Stabilized Foams and Emulsions”

    2006 – 2012           Five further doctoral studies at ETH Zurich on the topic of particle-stabilized foams, emulsions and capsules

    2009                       Foundation of Cavis AG by Dr. Urs Gonzenbach and Prof. Ludwig Gauckler, move to the laboratories at ETH Zurich

    2009                      de Cavis acquires the exclusive license for further development and commercialization of the foaming technology from ETH Zurich

    2011                       First successful scaling of foaming technology at a customer on site

    2013                       de Cavis starts cooperation with Prof. Löffler and Prof. Uggowitzer of ETH Zurich in the field of high-purity magnesium

    2013                       After many years of cooperation, Dr. Philip Sturzenegger becomes a partner at de Cavis

    2013                      de Cavis moves to its new technical center to Empa Dübendorf

    2014                       de Cavis acquires the license for further development and commercialization of ultra-high-purity magnesium from ETH Zurich

    2016                       de Cavis files a patent for its new foaming technology

    2020                      de Cavis moves to its new technical center in Dübendorf

  • Team
    Dr. Urs T. Gonzenbach
    Dr. Philip N. Sturzenegger
    Pejman Sabet
  • Our values

    de Cavis stands for passionate materials manufacturing and innovative technology development.

    • Creative
    • Purposeful
    • Quality-oriented
    • Customer-oriented
    • with integrity
  • Partners

    Laboratory of Metal Physics and Technology

    Department of Materials, ETH Zürich

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    Laboratory for Renewable Energy Science and Engineering

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    Interdisciplinary Aerodynamics Group

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    Group for Functionalized Biomaterials

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    Medical University of Graz

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