de Cavis offers various hydraulic materials based on gypsum, cement and calcium aluminate. If the existing materials don’t yet meet the specific requirements of your application, we will gladly develop them according to your wishes.


In cooperation with the company pta solutions GmbH we produce porous gypsum with a density of 80 to 700kg/mfor fire protection applications and as thermal insulation for the building sector. Depending on the material density and dimensioning, the material has a fire protection class from EI30 up to EI120.

Due to the high degree of control over the process and the resulting excellent homogeneity of the material microstructure, we are currently able to produce formats up to 2500mm x 1250mm x 60mm, which have a density spread of less than 2%.


Our mineral lightweight materials made of foamed cement, mortar or concrete are characterized by homogeneous material properties, typically closed-cell microstructures and adjustable density between 80 and 1200kg/m3. The density reduction is achieved by introducing and stabilizing gas at room temperature. Material properties such as strength and thermal conductivity depend heavily on the choice of raw material and the density of the final component and can be varied and optimized accordingly. The lightest materials achieve a thermal conductivity of less than 40mW/mK.


Our porous calcium aluminate is a foamed high-alumina cement that can be used even at elevated temperatures. Its microstructure is homogeneous and may be closed-pore or open-pore and permeable. The material can be processed with variable porosity into simple blocks or complex formed components.

The production process of calcium aluminate-bonded foam materials requires no firing, which is why the integration of temperature-sensitive functional material components is possible.